Como Hacer Un Learning Agreement

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We met one day Nuria, Claudia and I, the three girls who went together from my university in Salzburg, and we spent a whole afternoon with different paperwork and with the famous Learning Agreement, choosing all the subjects and making the necessary changes until we received the necessary credits, a task that was far from short, because before choosing the materials, we had to know what they would not do. Adventure and making a mistake in the choice. But after an afternoon, we succeeded! It is possible to change the learning agreement as soon as you are at your destination, provided that both universities agree. The processing time is not very long, so as soon as you start classes, you have to decide if you want to make changes. Once this is done, the most important thing remains for us: that our coordinator accepts it and signs it! And that`s where we had the real odyssey, because our favorite coordinator had disappeared. We went to his office and he was gone, we came back another day where he should have been, and a colleague told us that he had not gone to university that day and that he had not responded to emails, with the despair that this meant on our part, because the papers had to be sent to the United Salzburg within a certain period of time. Finally, since the third goes to defeat, we have managed that after a long period of waiting, he signs all the papers and less bad that he did not put glue on us to confirm everything! The apprenticeship contract should include all the learning outcomes that the student should acquire during the exchanges. As everyone knows, one of the most complicated things for all those who leave Erasmus is the famous Learning Agreement or the same thing: the Treaty on equivalence of studies. Yes, this treaty that takes us all down the street of bitterness and makes us more than headaches because it is far from easy.

That`s why, as soon as we signed, we were sent to Salzburg without any problems as soon as possible, and they responded to us quite quickly with a letter that explained important information (like the day we were to be there for the weekly council, the missing documents, and we sent the documentation that we were missing. Within a few days, our concern came back because we didn`t receive a response from the Austrian university, but a few weeks after sending it, everything finally sent us the acceptance letter! We have already been officially accepted with great pleasure! Now it`s up to us to look at flights or other means of transport to get there, I will already count what I have. 🙂 The objective of the learning agreement is to ensure transparent and effective preparation for exchanges to ensure that the student is recognized for successful activities abroad. This is one of the most important documents, but what you need to fill out. It is completed as soon as your admission has been confirmed and the destination university. Blog: A semester in SalzburgoEtiquetas: Becas Erasmus En la movilidad para periodos de prácticas, el acuerdo de aprendizaje debe indicar cómo se reconocerán las prácticas dependiendo de si cuentan para el diploma, se siguenamente (al no ser obligatorias para el diploma) o las cursa un estudiante recién titulado. Véanse más adelante las « indicaciones ». For student mobility for studies, the learning agreement should define the group of education components that will be replaced by study abroad after completing their studies abroad.

For more information, see the following guidelines. The Learning Agreement defines the program of studies or internships to be carried out abroad and must be approved by the student, institution or organization or company before the start of the exchanges. As regards student mobility to traineeships, the Learning Agreement should define how the traineeship is recognised, depending on whether it is taken into account in the student`s degree, whether it is carried out on a voluntary basis (not mandatory for the degree) or whether it is carried out by a new graduate. . . .

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