Cell Phone Agreement For Teenager

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For more information on recovering your children and reuniting your family, go www.FamiliesManagingMedia.com, so I didn`t want to create a document for her to sign what I called a « contract. » Not because I think there`s bound to be something wrong, but because I don`t want it to be put in your head as a list of Do`s and Don`ts. I don`t want her to see the phone as a bad machine that wants to destroy her. Nor do I want her to feel that if she fails in any of these areas, she is a failure. The truth is that we are all tempted to say what we shouldn`t do, to react in the wrong way, to look at things that are not uplifting, to waste time, to be lazy, to ignore our family, and to hurt our testimonies as Christians while we use, live, and enjoy cell phones. Other signs of immatureness appear, especially when you introduce telephone limits: a treaty implies that both parties have the same right of scrutiny and that there will be compromises on both sides. Your teen will mistakenly think that she will be your equal if you give her a contract and start the negotiation process. Young people might even think that because they know more than you do about using the phone, they have power over the device. They have a inflated opinion of their « knowledge » in almost every area of life; It is also a natural feature of adolescence. Yes, I know that hundreds of recently developed apps now allow parents to monitor a child`s mobile usage – these apps can report how often they check their phone or whether they`re looking at their phone when they`re behind the wheel; You can send yourself all the texts she receives (or only those that have a list of offensive words) and any website she surfs on. But managing these monitoring apps or software programs consumes hours of a parenting day not counting the time you spend with your child for offenses….

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