Canada New Zealand Social Security Agreement

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The competent authority of New Zealand and a province of Canada may enter into agreements on all matters of social security within the jurisdiction of Canada, unless such agreements are contrary to the provisions of this Agreement. If you are a widow, widower or child of someone who has contributed to the retirement programs of both countries, this agreement can help you qualify for the following: if you move from Canada to a country with which New Zealand does not have a social security agreement, your New Zealand benefits or pensions are suspended. If you have contributed to both the Canada Pension Plan and the New Zealand pension program or have lived in Canada and New Zealand, this agreement can help you qualify for: New Zealand has bilateral social security agreements with several countries. Each agreement allows New Zealanders to have access to certain benefits or pensions when they move to these countries and allows similar rights for people leaving these countries for New Zealand New Zealand has social security agreements with Australia, Denmark, Greece, Jersey and Guernsey, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. You must re-apply for your New Zealand benefit or pension under the relevant agreement if you move to one of these countries. New Zealand and Canada have a social security agreement. The agreement covers Canadian benefits and pensions under the Old Age Insurance Program and the Canada Pension Plan. It also covers the following New Zealand benefits and pensions: he or she is not entitled to a New Zealand superannuation or a veteran`s pension outside New Zealand or Canada, unless he or she is entitled to that benefit under a social security agreement concluded by New Zealand with that third country. Determined to cooperate in the field of social security, Australia currently has 31 bilateral international social security agreements. (f) Benefits that are also covered by Canada`s Age Security Act, Canada`s pension plan or benefits or annuities to be paid under a third party`s social security laws are not taken into account. Under these agreements, Australia equates periods of social security/residence in these countries with periods of Australian residence in order to respect the minimum entitlement periods for Australian pensions. Typically, other countries count periods of work stay in Australia as social security periods to fulfill their minimum payment periods.

As a rule, each country pays a partial pension to a person who has lived in both countries. New Zealand and South Korea have also signed a social security agreement. This will take effect in 2021. HAVE DECIDED to enter into an agreement for this purpose, and these guides give details on how you get New Zealand benefits or pensions if you have stayed in countries that have social security agreements or special agreements with New Zealand. . . .

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