Bilateral Security Agreement Between Us And Afghanistan

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On June 19, 2013, U.S. plans to open peace talks with the Taliban led to the suspension of bilateral security talks between the U.S. and Afghanistan. [62] [63] « At an extraordinary meeting chaired by President Hamid Karzai, the president decided to suspend talks on a security pact with the United States because of their contradictory statements and actions regarding the peace process, » spokesman Aimal Faizi told Reuters. [64] Foreign Secretary John Kerry discussed the inflamed affair with Mr. Karzai in phone calls on June 19, 2013, Afghan and U.S. officials said, as part of the latest round of crisis diplomacy between Washington and the leader of Afghanistan. [63] Negotiations on the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) began in early 2013 and, once completed, will determine the form of the US military presence in Afghanistan for years to come. [64] Security talks between the United States and Afghanistan would include a limited number of military instructors and counterterrorism forces to remain in the country. The talks were complicated by several differences of opinion, including on the immunity that US troops would enjoy from Afghan law. [63] In an interview with reporters a few days before the suspension, General Joseph Dunford, the commander of the US-led coalition, said: « The bilateral security agreement is essential for any presence after 2014. It must therefore be taken seriously on both sides. [63] It was not clear how long Afghan President Karzai would withdraw from security talks with the United States in order to take steps to maintain a small American.

Presence in the country after the departure of the last NATO troops in 2014. [65] As Allied forces withdraw their troops, the international community wants to help ensure that Afghanistan has progress in security, politics, and the economy and ensures electoral transparency and fairness. [96] While the Afghan parliament approved the BSA in 2013, Afghan President Harmid Karzai refused, as of February 6, 2014, to sign the BSA, that is, to approve it. [94] Presidential elections in Afghanistan are scheduled for April 2014 and the BSA is what is planned for the withdrawal of the US military and NATO forces. If it is not signed and a civil war breaks out, the Taliban will easily be able to regain control of the country, and it is the most vulnerable citizens of the population, especially women and children, who will lose the most. The possibility is even greater if Karzai does not sign the BSA. [96] Under the Strategic Partnership Agreement signed by the United States. and Afghanistan in May 2012, the two countries are required to negotiate a bilateral security agreement within one year.

These negotiations were scheduled to begin on 15 November 2012. The talks will attempt to set the conditions for US forces in Afghanistan after 2014 as part of a « Train, Advice and Assist » mission (US President Obama and his national security team will determine the number of troops proposed) and aim to establish a security framework, not a detailed agreement. In addition to immunity from Afghan prosecution for U.S. soldiers accused of crimes and Afghanistan`s demand that the U.S. guarantee that it will respond to any cross-border invasion or artillery fire on Afghan territory, negotiators will attempt to obtain crude contours for air rights over Afghanistan and the use and provision of hundreds of U.S.-built bases, in particular the huge air bases of Bagram and Kandahar -. . . .

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