An Agreement Between Purchaser And Supplier

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The Supplier agrees to ensure that its personnel, representatives and subcontractors agree to be bound by the obligations contained in this clause. (e) Sections 96 and 125 of the GSP shall not apply to the security agreement established by those conditions. (i) the goods are properly sold to a bona bona foi sub-purchaser; Any order from the buyer does not bind the seller until it is accepted in writing by the seller. A contract is concluded when the seller accepts in writing an order for the goods by the buyer. The buyer acknowledges that he is bound by these conditions which are part of the contract. The contract can only be modified with the prior written consent of the seller. To the extent that there is a conflict between these conditions and other documents or correspondence that are part of the treaty, these conditions are of the utmost importance and take precedence. The order form refers to the official printed order form of the company, with an order number of the buyer, which is the only form recognized by the company as the authority responsible for the load of goods or services on his account. all disputes between the Supplier and the Company arising out of or in any way from an order which is not settled by the Supplier and the Undertaking within fourteen days of the notification of either Party to the other Party that this is a notification under this clause 21; shall be transmitted for decision to the person agreed between the company and the supplier or, in the absence of such an agreement, to the denominator of the undertaking, who acts as an independent expert and not as an arbitrator, the written decision of the expert shall be final and binding on the parties. 11.4 The Supplier may not use or authorise the Information for purposes other than those provided for in the Order or Contract, unless this has been approved by a separate agreement between the parties.

If nothing else has been agreed in writing by the parties, prices are set in the current price list, issued from time to time by the seller, plus any GST to be paid by the seller, and may be changed by the seller without notice. If, between the date of acceptance of an order and the issuance of an invoice, the seller increases the cost of delivery of the goods that is not controlled by the seller, the seller may increase the amount of the invoice according to the increase in costs. 2.3 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, for each contract, an order and the conditions, the entire agreement between the Company and the Supplier, under which goods and/or services are delivered by the Supplier to the Company. .

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