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SLAs are usually worded as follows: that the agreement can be easily modified or updated by mutual agreement between the parties and usually contains a language indicating how future versions of the agreement will be marked by a numbered version scheme (e.g. B SLA v1.0, SLA v2.0, etc.) allowing the parties to track changes to the contract over time and to ensure that both parties coordinate their business activities in accordance with the correct (current) version of the SLA. Indicates the mechanisms by which cooperation and further implementation of the Agreement are maintained. These communications may include regular conference calls (for example. B monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) to allow the client and provider to discuss ongoing activities in accordance with the agreement, or may allow for more informal communication between the parties. Additional parts of this Section may be added to specify the obligations of each Party, to keep certain documentation of its activities in accordance with the Agreement, to verify specific standards and protocols (e.g. B service protocols, training manuals, etc.) which are normally annexed to the agreement, ensure compliance with the agreement and provide important performance indicators required of one or more parties to be monitored and reported under the agreement (e.g. customer satisfaction surveys, training evaluation results, etc.). Unlike many simple contracts that set the terms during the term of the contract, SLAs should seek to establish a framework for the engagement of the parties to a contractual agreement that sets out some of those terms, while other terms are expected to change if the customer`s business requirements change over time and if significant members of both parties change. September 6, 2019 – Fabrika RTT (part of the R-Pharm Group) and Varian (NYSE: VAR) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the local assembly of Halcyon™ radiotherapy systems. This five-year contract for up to 200 Halcyon systems is an extension of the initial agreement signed in 2017 between the two companies for the assembly of Varian Unique and Cliniac® iX systems for public hospitals in Russia. The preamble generally contains the nature of the services to be provided by the service provider and the names of the devices to be provided to the customer. These are often annexed to the agreement as exhibitions (e.g.

.B. Annex A, B, C, etc.) that allow these lists of services and/or devices to be updated throughout the duration of the contract, replacing the exhibition with a new version, without the need to modify the main part of the contract. The duration indicates the start date and the expected end date of the agreement. . . .

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