Agreement And Disagreement Games

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Here are some simple games you can play with your ESL students to practice, accept and disagree. Once your students have handled the simple sentences of consistency and disagreement, take their language learning to the next step. Here you will find a complete list of approval and refusal rates. Let students read the items on the list and decide how strong consent or disagreement is in each sentence. Let students discuss the most appropriate phrases to agree or not with an employer, friend, spouse, or relative. Which one would be most likely to be used? Are there any who would never use it? Brainstorm give a list of foods with your class. You should go from simple to exotic. Then, compose a set of cards for your students with a meal each or let your students create their own cards. You should have enough sets for four or five students each in your class. To play this game of convergence and disagreement, divide your class into groups and let each group put their cards in the middle of the group. A person draws a card and makes a positive or negative statement about that food. For example, « I like pistachios » or « I don`t like grapes. » The person sitting to the right of that person must make a statement either in accordance with the spokesperson or in disagreement.

If this person makes a correct and grammatical statement, he gets the card. Then she draws a new card and makes a statement for the person to her right. If it makes a false declaration, the card returns to the center of the circle before choosing a new card and making a declaration for the person to its right. The game continues until all the cards are claimed. The person who won the most cards at the end of the match. Personalities Magazine – Getting students to talk about their interests Give your students a list of topics that can be discussed. They should include both simple and more controversial issues. If you want, use this list. Then divide your students into pairs and give each pair a default cube. For each round of play, a person makes a statement on one of the topics.

Your partner rolls the cube. If he makes an odd number, he does not need to agree with his partner. If he rolls an even number, he must agree with him. .

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