Right To Represent Staffing Agreement

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People are not commodities. We understand that intellectually, but in the workforce we have many systems that treat them exactly the same. Also – most RTR agreements are customer specific. So if we send you to Company X, you can only be hired by our company. Normally, there is a delay of 3-6 months to avoid the client trying to bypass the recruiter after he has been presented with the CV. The right to representation is an example of an outdated system that was created for the benefit of the recruiter or staff agency to ensure that it has the « ownership » of a candidate, which essentially prevents other agencies from representing the same candidate on the same position or client. Most candidates have no idea that this system actually limits their ability to work with other staff officers on the same roles and sometimes with the client as a whole. They unknowingly rely on a single recruiter, perhaps best able to help them find a great new role. At this point, there is nothing we can do, a right of representation is the only way to help in these situations. I`ve never had to use one, but the way things are going, I can start.

At least when I am dealing with companies that do business with some recruitment companies known for this practice. Unfortunately, agreements are necessary to prevent the small number of bad apples out there from harming your business. A right of representation can be valuable for candidates, recruiters and recruitment companies. The use of RTRs is increasing and we believe that this trend will continue. Talk to your recruiter about RTR, trust your instincts and ask questions if something doesn`t seem right to you. It is the role of the recruiter to win and win candidates. It is also up to the recruiter to establish a lasting relationship with the candidate and become their « agent » and defend it. Remember Jerry Maguire? The role of the recruiter is to explain in detail the position of the candidate who is best placed for the role of helping the candidate prepare for a job interview and much more. It is not enough to submit the candidate first to get a credit. In the end, recruiters and staff agencies that offer the highest value should win. Clients have a policy stating that the recruiter who first presents a candidate is automatically the candidate`s representative entity. The directive is generally managed through a candidate tracking system or supplier management system that adds time stamping to the transmission.

This « time-based » approach has benefited staff officers, but ultimately results in negative behaviours that do not put the candidate`s interest first. Everyone here with Lutz understands that they are more than a CV. We have never encouraged a candidate to sign a broad right of representation. We take the time to learn about your goals, strengths, skills, concerns, interests and personalities in order to find the right solution for you. We also know that the recruitment process can be confusing and that you may have questions. Contact us if you still don`t know if you need to sign a contract or if you want more information about how a recruiter can help you advance your career. Recruitment managers see qualified applications more quickly because they know that the candidate has expressed an interest in the role and has agreed to be represented by the recruiter before submitting it. « The right of representation gives the recruiter the exclusive right to represent you for a position with a particular company.

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