Car Rental Agreement Terms And Conditions

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RENTER`S BONDS 8. The tenant ensures that: (a) the proper caution is with regard to driving and parking the vehicle; b) the water in the radiator and the vehicle`s battery is kept to the right level; c) the oil in the vehicle is kept to the right level; (d) only the type of fuel indicated for the vehicle is used; (e) tyres are held at impeccable pressure; (f) the vehicle is locked and secured at all times if it is not in service and the keys are kept under the tenant`s personal control at all times; (g) the distance recorder or speedometer are not disturbed; (h) no part of the engine, transmission, braking or suspension systems is disturbed; (i) if a warning light is to be lit or the tenant feels that the vehicle requires mechanical attention, the tenant will stop driving and immediately inform the owner; (j) all drivers authorized to use this vehicle during the duration of the rental are aware of and comply with the conditions of the rental contract. and (k) each licensed driver carries his driver`s licence at all times in the vehicle and submits it to any police officer at his request. PAYMENTS MADE BY TENANT 3. The tenant pays the landlord, for the rental of the vehicle, the amount or amounts indicated in the rental document; and authorizes the lessor to calculate all the amounts to be paid into the tenant`s account. The tenant`s account refers to a designated debit card, credit card or pre-established penalty account. 4. In addition to the payment mentioned in point 3, the tenant acknowledges that at the end of the tenancy period, the tenant is required to pay the lessor all additional costs to be paid at the end of the period. These include: (a) a fee for additional drivers; b) an increase for drivers under the age of 25; (c) additional charges for routes travelled (as indicated in the rental document for each mileage); (d) charges for gasoline or other fuels used (but not for oil); (e) road tolls; (f) late return costs of the vehicle; (g) royalties for damage or repairs to the vehicle (subject to other terms of the lease); and all foreclosure costs related to such damages or repairs (including legal costs). The tenant bears the $200 deduction price for damages and repairs, unless the tenant has acquired the additional coverage; (h) the cost of cleaning the interior of the vehicle when the vehicle is returned in an overly dirty condition requiring additional cleaning or deodorization. This includes, but is not limited to, liquids, food, vomiting, other stains, and unpleasant odors, including cigarette smoke; (i) charges for traffic and/or parking violations; (j) the administrative costs set out in the lease; and (k) any surcharge related to the tenant`s use of a debit or credit card. 5. The lessor will pay the amounts indicated in clauses 3 and 4 to the tenant`s account during or after the end of the tenancy period, or the tenant will be able to pay the fees agreed with the lessor, the choice being left to the exclusive discretion of the lessor.

6. If the tenant does not pay the money owed in connection with or in connection with the tenancy agreement within 14 days of the day: until the tenant has been required to pay the money, the lessor may, without prejudice to other rights or remedies to which the lessor is entitled or to which he is entitled, charge the tenant and the tenant all the additional costs described below: a) penalty of 10% (assembled per day) on the total amount due from 14 days from the date the tenant had to pay the money until the day of payment; (b) all costs incurred by the lessor for the recovery of money not paid by a collection office or any other external or legal body; and (c) an administrative fee of $50 plus business tax.

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