Braintree Payment Services Agreement

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The Service Professional payment acceptance terms described above can only be used in conjunction with your acceptance of the Professional Service terms outlined in HomeAdvisor`s terms and conditions. If we accept payments on your behalf, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of sale and the terms and conditions for accepting the payment. 9. assignment; changes. This AEC can only be awarded as part of an authorized assignment under the Braintree Payment Services agreement or an equivalent contract. Wells Fargo may cede its rights to this AEC without your consent. You can only amend this AEC by mutual written consent. Wells Fargo can modify this AEC at any time by publishing a revised version of Braintree on Braintree`s website. The revised version will be effective at the time of Braintree`s update. In addition, Wells Fargo will notify you 30 days in advance of a notification via Braintree on the braintree (s) site if the revised version contains a significant change.

As a result of this 30-day notification, it is considered that if you continue to use the Braintree service, you will have expressly consented to any changes to the AEC. For the purposes of this AEC, any change that involves limiting your rights or increasing your responsibilities will be a « significant change. » 6. Disclaimer. This AEC is a service agreement. Wells Fargo disclaims any express or implied guarantee or guarantee given to you or any other person, including, but not only, any guarantee regarding quality, fitness, marketing, adequacy to a particular use or any other manner of services or goods provided under the AEC, where possible. This agreement contains the full agreement and the parties` understanding of the purpose contained and replaces all agreements, promises, pacts, agreements, communications, assurances or advance guarantees, whether orally orally, by an officer, a partner, a staff member or a representative of a party. This agreement binds the parties and their respective rights holders and the approved beneficiaries of the assignment and applies only in the interest. No provision in this agreement, either express or tacit, is intended to confer or confer rights or remedies on persons or entities who are not parties to this agreement, within the framework or under this agreement. The exclusive means of resolving disputes between you and HomeAdvisor, or any claims on your part or claim, arising from your use of this website and/or HomeAdvisor services (including an alleged breach of these Terms and Conditions), are BINDING ARBITRATION, managed by the American Arbitration Association. The only exception to arbitration exclusivity is that you have the right to bring an individual action against HomeAdvisor in a competent court with few rights.

However, whether you choose a small arbitration tribunal or a low-order tribunal, you cannot under any circumstances initiate or maintain class actions, class arbitrations or other representative actions or proceedings against HomeAdvisor. In addition to the above, if you have an amount due to us or one of our related companies under another agreement, PayPal Acquirer may order the deduction of the amounts owed from your payments. This includes the amounts due by your use of our various products and services that may include PayPal, Venmo and Hyperwallet. 3.3 Confidentiality. Braintree ensures that its client data processing staff is informed of the confidentiality of customer data, that it has received appropriate training on their responsibilities, and that it has entered into written confidentiality agreements.

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