Agreement To End Tenancy Ontario Form

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Hello MichaelGreat Blog, I hope you can have a recommendation for my situation. I have a visa and I am not fully aware of the Law on Tenants and Landlords. We had difficulties with our apartment and met with our owners to deal with the problems. We asked them if we wanted to withdraw from our fixed-term contract, we could do that, and they said we could terminate them as long as we have them 60 days in advance. That is why we informed our landlord on March 2, 2015 that we wanted to end our lease on April 30, 2015. They responded and said, « If the tenant pays a monthly rent, then the tenant must cancel at least 60 days and the termination date must be the end of the monthly tenancy period. » Therefore, our lease would end on May 31. We drew the owners` attention to the fact that we would not be using the device for most of May, as we would like to travel and have another apartment confirmed before travelling and we could reach an amicable agreement. They said that we could agree and that they had already started promoting the apartment for the June 1 move, but that they could also add may 1. If they could find a tenant by May 1, we could move on April 30, but if they could not, the property would have to be kept until May 31. We have offered to pay for a to ensure that the apartment has full visibility in the market square and increases the likelihood that the apartment will be rented for May 1. The owners have confirmed that they have a new tenant by June 1st and we will keep the property by then.

We feel slightly offended because we have 60 days of good faith based on the following two sources of information provided to us by the owner:1. The owners told us orally that we had to resign 60 days in advance. 2. We have also checked our lease if it stipulates that the termination of the contract « 60 days before the termination of the term (12 months from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015), the tenant must write his intention to terminate or renew the contract for a fixed period. » In other communications with our landlord, we have expressed our concerns about the treatment we have received, we have received a reply saying: « On March 2, 2015, we received your email informing us of your intention to terminate your lease prematurely. On March 4, 2015, we agreed to terminate your lease prematurely with the due date of termination and termination and we asked them to repeat your termination with the correct termination date to allow a proper termination of your lease.

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